Ballot Integrity


On Saturday I had the opportunity to hear Alan Vera. He is head of ballot integrity for Harris County Republican Party. He has been working for several years to improve the integrity for voting in Texas.
There have been many problems in Texas with ballot integrity. Congressional District 18 has a lot of problems and has for many years. A lot of the fraud in that district is mail-in ballots.

Alan Vera is fully aware that I and others were investigating last year’s election in Jersey Village. I reached out to him several times for help in investigating that election.

I sent out a survey to a very large sample of voters who were sent mail-in ballots. Many voters responded. Three voters indicated that they had never applied for mail-in ballots and the election roster showed that someone sent in a mail-in ballot for them. One of those three voters is a neighbor of mine. He is sharp as a tack.
Because of my efforts last year several people suggested that I run for city council, which I did. I have not yet had time to review the documents from this year. I will do that asap.

I also informed the city attorney, former mayor and city manager that I would be filing a lawsuit so that we can have electronic voting in Jersey Village. I recommend that we redo the election. In fact, it seems to me that James Singleton should run again, too. Since he only won by three votes and I found three voters who never sent in mail-in ballots, in my opinion, he didn’t win. That means he might have tied with his opponent.

I will be sending more information to the Sate of Texas Election Division and the Attorney General about this. I have also reported our current election judge to the leadership of the Harris County Republican Party as our election judge was observed speaking with James Singleton in the polling place on the day of the election. This is a violation of the election code. That is a Class C Misdemeanor. Since James Singleton had voted during the early voting period, he had no reason to have a conversation with Barbi Freeman, the election judge. There were problems in the count room on election day. Those have been reported, too.
I have very serious concerns about the conduct of our city council members and how they are chosen to be on council. My understanding is that several of them have been chosen to fill vacancies. It is much easier for an incumbent to win an election. Also, my opponent served for at least 13 years. Apparently, he served and then stayed off of council for a term and then ran again. We need to new blood on the council.

We need to have city council members who ask questions about why we are spending money on projects that don’t make a lot of sense. The council seems to want to spend on wants before taking care of needs. Our property taxes are a lot higher than other communities like us. Why is that? Now we have a development project (Jersey Crossing) where the public hasn’t seen the contract and has no idea of the details. The city council members are entering into an agreement which will last for 30 years. This includes moving the JV city hall to the other side of Highway 290. The citizens do NOT want the city hall to be moved over there. In addition to that, how much is this development going to finally cost? There are problems with flooding in that area. There is also the problem with crossing the railroad track to get to the land. I have driven over there myself to see the property to figure what is logical.

I am very concerned about what it is really going to take to have this development. What happens when the citizens have a petition to stop the moving of the city hall to that side of the freeway? What will the city council and the developer do then?
I trust that the residents will start asking questions.