Tuesday, December 1, 2020
https://youtu.be/-4vkJp0Nw28 Tucker Carlson calls out Dr. Fauci and other officials for misleading the public on school closures.  
We've just posted the Situation Update for today, Nov. 29th, 2020, covering the latest developments and strategy in the deep state's war against America. This update's topics include: How Trump-appointed judges in federal district courts are speeding rejection of...
https://youtu.be/k3WK0M4S_Qw A Republican poll observer from Pennsylvania’s Delaware County told a Senate GOP Policy Committee hearing in Gettysburg on Nov. 25 that he witnessed a range of Election Day irregularities, including 47 USB cards that went missing. Greg Stenstrom, who, besides...
https://youtu.be/Id3ndmnaAR0 Lawyer and former federal prosecutor #SidneyPowell has presented 30 allegations of #ElectionFraud and irregularities in a lawsuit around the 2020 elections in #Georgia. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we'll be going over these allegations and...

Fun Holiday ideas

The results reported right after the presidential election are reliable, but they are not official. The official results will arrive in the coming weeks, after a process called certification. Full article you can read on this LINK.


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