Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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The determined Englishwoman who founded modern nursing and reformed military medicine.
September 12, 2019 Houston City Council voted to lower the property tax rate by 2 cents, or 3.4 percent, but it was more of an administerial task than one of bold action by the council. The 2004 voter-imposed property tax cap...
You and I know that pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse, and more are plagues on our society and families. But instead of recognizing these harms, our culture is pushing messages that encourage and praise sexual exploitation and abuse. Snapchat (a...
This DVD you can buy on this LINK Product Description Bringing down the wall. Smashing the curtain. Rock & Roll as a force of liberation. Rockin' the Wall is the compelling story of Rock & Roll's part in bringing down the...
HRB’s annual Celebration of Dance production offers a collection of classical and modern works for all to enjoy! Our features for the 20202 production included the well known La Bayadere; the enchanting Coppelia; and the premiere of a modern...
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