Monday, March 1, 2021

Several election rigging cases are still moving forward to Supreme Court

On Feb. 19, the Supreme Court will address at least three cases filed on behalf of President Donald Trump that allege widespread voter fraud in the...

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DeSantis’ plan to hold social media accountable

FLORIDA: The Sunshine State's Governor chats about his plan to hold social media platforms and 'big tech' accountable in light of stories and opinions...

Situation Update Feb. 3 – America to split into FREE states vs censored “SLAVE”...

Wednesday, February 03, 2021 by: Mike Adams As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launches a war against Big Tech censorship, it’s increasingly obvious that tech giants like Google, Facebook...

Planet Lockdown Full Censored Film

Catherine Austin Fitts exposes the connections between Big Tech and the federal government and how they are engineering a system of planetary control.  

Republicans Face ‘Civil War’ Split Over Remaining GOP Loyalty to Trump

Donald Trump, in a meeting with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday, agreed to help the GOP retake control of the House in...


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