Dear Voters of District 135,

I have become the “Watch Dog” for the Jersey Village City Council.  I have lived in Jersey Village for 40 years.  My children attended Cy Fair schools.  I am a certified school teacher and a registered nurse.  I have an MBA.  I have been trained in process improvement.  I have worked for Houston ISD and for a charter school company.  I have a lot of skills which allows me to figure out what is going on in Jersey Village

I clearly understand many of the things which have been happening by my training and by my practical common sense.  I am very concerned that the city council is spending our hard earned tax dollars very unwisely. I personally brought most of the following items to the City Council’s attention during their monthly meetings.

Another candidate dropped out of the race and I decided to run.  I filed the last day.  I have been very active in the Harris County Republican Party for many years.  I have attended District and State Conventions. I blocked walk for candidates and helped other candidates run for Congress.  I have been involved with elections for awhile.  I am familiar with what it takes to run a race.

I have included a letter which someone wrote refuting many of the things which Justin Ray mentioned in his funding raising letter.  I was aware of many of them, because I have attended many city council meetings.  I have presented at almost every meeting once I started regularly attending.

Did you know that the root cause of flooding in Jersey Village has never been addressed?

Did you know that the City of Jersey Village has not done one thing to do help the residents with flooding?  After all of these years the berm has never been built.

Did you know that Jersey Village paid for another flood study with Dannenbaum Engineering?  My understanding is that the engineers never did a detailed study by walking the bayou.  Dannenbaum Engineering had a high level executive commit suicide, while he was under an FBI probe.  Why would that happen?  I find that troubling.

Did you know that the residents were not allowed to vote on the moving of the $8 million City Hall to the other side of Highway 290?

Did you know that the city council did not use the Hotel Occupancy Tax to fund a feasibility study regarding the building of the new golf course convention center.  Why?

Did you know that at the city council meeting where a resident was going to present her findings regarding the May 2018 election the video was not available?  Why?

Did you know that when I presented that same night and refuted many of the items in the mayor’s newsletter the video was not available?  Why?

Did you know that there appears to have been mail-in voter fraud in the Jersey Village City Election in May 2018?  I know this because I developed a survey and mailed it to the mail-in ballot recipients at my own expense.  I reported all of that to the State of Texas Election Division.

Did you know that Eric Forester, the Jersey Village Police Chief, was fired? The Interim Police Chief fired Detective Ron Dooley. Who knew about Eric Forester’s misbehavior and why did they look the other way?  When did the Mayor find out about his misbehavior and when did he plan to do something about it?  Did you know that one of the female police officers filed a lawsuit against the City and won?

Did you know that there was a very high turnover rate in the Jersey Village Police Department?

Did you know that when I requested Eric Forester’s file years are missing from it?  Why?

Did you know that Jersey Meadow Golf Course looses almost $600,000 a year? There was never a business plan until I brought this to their attention. Why?

Did you know that the Jersey Village City Council has special meetings where the meetings are posted on a Friday afternoon and the meeting is at 5:30 or 6:00 when a lot of the residents are not home? Hardly anyone even knows about the meetings?  A lot of the meeting is conducted behind closed doors. Did you know that the residents were not allowed to make any comments at the special meetings, until finally a resident protested and the city attorney agreed the residents should be able to question what is going on?

Did you know that the City Council paid $5.2 million for the land that they were about to lose in a lawsuit?  The HCAD market value was only $2.8 million.  Why did they pay so much more for it?

Did you know that the City Council stated that they ran out of time for the residents to vote on this purchase?  I believe that they had a year to bring it to the voters.  Why didn’t the City Council let the voters decide?  These are the hard earned tax dollars of the voters.

Did you know that Russell Hamley, a former mayor, started building a fund of leftover tax dollars and didn’t need to let the residents vote on big ticket items?  My understanding is that this fund was built up over 12 years and had almost $18 million available, so that the city council didn’t need to ask the taxpayers of Jersey Village for permission on how the money was to be used.  I believe that the State of Texas has rules regarding Reserve Funds.

Did you know that the staff at the Jersey Meadow Golf Course lacked proper CPR training and with the AED?

Did you know that the bridge next to the Jersey Meadow Golf Course is bridge which was built for golf carts, not cars?

Did you know that dog parks bring problems with them like dog fights, the spread of diseases with dogs and abandoned dogs?  The City Council made sure we had one in spite of what I brought to their attention.

I trust that you will review the information and make an informed decision regarding your vote.  I have spent a lot of time and effort to research and find out what is really going on in Jersey Village.  Sadly, I don’t believe that my opponent and recent mayor was really listening to the concerned voters.

Please consider finding out more about me. Eric Forester and Ron Dooley’s termination letters are on my website:

My campaign website is

Merrilee Rosene Beazley, RN, BSN, MEd, MBA
Jersey Village Resident
Republican Candidate for State Representative District 135