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How can I cut costs and still be comfortable?
How can I be frugal and have fun doing it?

Books from Dollar Tree

Introduction to the Greek alphabet
Periodic Table
Mother Earth News Sustainable Living Bee Hives/Raising Chickens/Using Grey Water
Miniature pottery
Wooden carvings from Indonesia about 1950
Porcelain from Japan

Lulu’s Kitchen Destin, Florida
Shard Shop Destin, Florida
Jean Quilt
Fabric Glue
How to extend the life of cut flowers
Recycling Cards and using them to create another piece of art
Cutting the cloth with a broken umbrella and using for pillows
Using the sort of clean paper towels and wiping up gunky stuff

Raising worms in compost
Cutting up my green tops from my onion roots
Painting Magnolia leaves with gold paint
Painting a Magnolia seed pod with gold paint sprinkling with some glitter and snow
Using balls purchased from Hobby Lobby and filling with fun things to hang on trees
Exploring the family ancestry
Living like a pioneer for a couple of days. No electricity and no electronics. Pretend you are camping.
Broken pottery for art
Pine cones in a basket as a decoration until needed
Teaching a few letters and some numbers with a deck of cards