Emergency Preparedness – Be Prepared

I have lived in the Houston area for almost 40 years. I have been through many serious storms. During that time I have witnessed the responses to those storms. Some were good and some were not.

Stop, Look, Listen, Plan and Act

The attitude of a person during an emergency makes the difference for the outcome. It doesn’t matter what kind of emergency you are in. You must Stop, Look, Listen, Plan and Act. Your life depends on this. Your
families life depends on this.

If there is time to prepare before a storm, then think about some of these things which are listed below. This is a list of some things to consider.
Check out emergency websites for more tips.

Remember that our ancestors did not go to the store to buy things. Think about what you can do that resembles what they did. They learned how to hunt and fish. They learned how to store food for the winter.

What are some things to think about if there is time to prepare for an

Keep gas in your car.
Store cash.
Make sure that all of the parts of your care are complete and the items
are in good working order.
Keep jumper cables in your car.
Consider purchasing a battery charger and tire inflater.

You must have water, food and shelter for several days. If you are
staying at home, fill up your bathtubs with water. Fill up other items
with water. If there is time fill containers with water and put them in
the freezer. This ice can keep perishable items cool longer. Cook meats
from the refrigerator and freezer as soon as possible. Do your best to
not waste food or water.

The extra water you store can be used for bathing and washing clothes. It is very important to stay clean. This is not the time to risk infections
because of lack of sanitation. Be sure and bring your prescription
medicines if you are leaving your home. Bring immunization and medical records. Bring other important documents.

If you have pets and you are bringing them with you, be sure and bring
their dog food, medicines, dog toys and shot records.

Useful items might include the following:

Grill or camp stove
Non-perishable food in cans and jars
Tarps and blankets
Walkie Talkie with batteries
First Aid Supplies
Hydrogen Peroxide
Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Over the Counter Medicines
Basic Tools
Safety Glasses
Matches/Fire Starter
Duct Tape
Paper and pens