Fun things to the with kids while at home – part 2


Topics for today:

  • The money game,
  • Using bottle caps to learn how to count,
  • Using pennies to learn how to count,
  • Using pennies for seeing multiplication,
  • Map puzzle of the United States,
  • National Geographic Magazine about the Cosmos,
  • National Geographic Magazine about Queens of Egypt,
  • Collecting Stamps,
  • Collecting Coins,
  • Covering a box with interesting paper,
  • Making a drum with an empty oatmeal container,
  • Trimming and putting flowers in a vase,
  • Using wine to disinfect, because it is hard to find vinegar,
  • Making simple pine cone ornaments with glue, glitter and a bows,
  • Learning to sew by making a quilt with old jeans.

    Recommending that parents look at Boy Scout merit badges for things which they can do with older students.

Look at TEA website to see what the old STARR tests look like. Look for interesting topics to study like the Periodic Table or the Solar System.

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