How can we make the 5th graders have more fun while they are stuck at home?


The theme is related to the 5th grader.  I want parents and students to look at the 5th grade STARR as a possible starting point.  It is on the TEA website.  It is possible to see tests from several years. The answer keys are there along with the rationales for the answers. Anyone can download these items.

At the end I did my best to stress that “Learning should always be fun“. There are plenty of fun things to do and great books to read at all different reading levels.

I talked about the Boy Scout Merit badges as a way to find things to learn more about.  Learning should always be fun.  There are plenty of ideas on the Boy Scout website.  I believe they have 130 merit badges listed.

One thing that I didn’t mention and would like to add to a list of other strategies is being a volunteer.  Maybe a 5th grader could rake the leaves of a neighbor.  Maybe they could pull a few weeds in their garden.  Maybe the 5th graders could pick up trash in their community. There are many opportunities out there.

Trivia Games
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

National Treasure
Rockin the Wall

Reading to a younger child
Founding Fathers
Running for Office
Learning a new language
Exploring other cultures

Inexpensive Art Projects/Pine Cones and Leaves

How to Become a Straight A Student by Cal Newport is a very important book for parents to read.  It is about “Working smarter not harder“.

I also mentioned Leonardo Di Vinci. He is probably the greatest artist and scientist who ever lived.

Link to buy the game on Amazon.





Boy Scout Merit Badges – link