Dear Residents of Jersey Village,

Several months ago I presented to JV City Council on 2 different occasions the problems with having dog parks. I researched the issue and found out that dog parks have problems with diseases due to the concentrated urine and feces. There are also problems with dog fights and having children who might be bitten by dogs. In my opinion, I believe that the City of Jersey Village is opening themselves up to the possibility of lawsuits.

Most people in Jersey Village have very large backyards, so they have their own dog parks and don’t need the city to build one. It seems to me that we are building a dog park mostly for non-residents. When the Comprehensive Plan was developed, the items which were listed were wishes, not things we needed. Only a few residents provided these suggestions. At that time I was not aware of these problems. For more information please check with your vet or the American Veterinary Medical Association for a list of these diseases..

If you are concerned, I trust that you will email the city council and city manager and relay your concerns. I don’t believe it is in the residents best interest to have the dog park. I also don’t understand why we are subsidizing a dog park where very few residents will use it.

Merrilee Rosene Beazley, RN, MEd, MBA