McCaig to Rep. Rosenthal: Get Off Your High Horse and Apologize for Your Vulgar and Bigoted Comments


HOUSTON, TX – Mark McCaig, Republican candidate for Texas House District 135, today released the following statement calling on incumbent State Representative Jon Rosenthal (D Houston) to apologize for vulgar and bigoted comments he made attacking Republicans and Christians:

“The media has written extensively about the distasteful comments made by Speaker Bonnen about Representative Rosenthal, for which Speaker Bonnen has rightfully apologized. Representative Rosenthal has used this episode to raise money for his fledgling re-election campaign and fraudulently portray himself as some kind of advocate for political civility. However, Representative Rosenthal has failed to exhibit the basic decency to apologize for vulgar and bigoted comments he has made about Republicans and Christians in the course of his campaigns.”

Last year, in an interview on the “Trans Advocate” podcast, Rosenthal made several comments mocking Christians, the virgin birth, and the sacrament of communion. At one point in the interview, Rosenthal called Christian conservatives a “Christian Taliban”, joked that advocates of abstinence education are “these same religious people that will tell you there’s an exception to that rule, right, you can be abstinent and still get pregnant” and stated “As a non-practicing agnostic, I don’t think I should be, let’s say, required to take communion walking into the Texas legislature. And it’s not that I have anything against eating crackers, but I think those crackers are generally not very tasty.” Later in the interview, Rosenthal personally attacked the Republican legislators who are now his colleagues, stating his belief that “these people are seriously f**ked up.”

“Representative Rosenthal needs to get off his high horse and apologize for engaging in the same kind of name-calling that he has publicly condemned. Representative Rosenthal’s hypocrisy on this matter is overshadowed only by the personal contempt he has expressed for his colleagues and constituents who share different political or religious views that differ from his own. Representative Rosenthal is right when he says the citizens of District 135 are sick and tired of political bullies.
They are also tired of the divisive and extremist rhetoric regularly used by Representative Rosenthal. District 135 deserves a state representative who will be an effective and respectful conservative voice for our district.”


It’s amazing how hypocritical some politicians are.

Written by David Jennings from Big Jolly Politics