Merrilee Beazley for Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express News Voter Guide Survey


– Do you support extending physical barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border?
We need to address the reason that people are coming across the border to reduce the amount of people risking their lives. Borders help us prevent disease, drugs, and terrorists from entering our state. The reduction of border crossings will eliminate human trafficking and illegal drugs before entry. At our Texas border we can prevent illegal and dangerous crossings by utilizing technology such as drone surveillance to help our agents while keeping them safer on the job. Federal laws mandate our borders be protected for all US citizens.

– Do you support border security spending by Texas at the established level of $400 million per year? How should that money be spent?
We should review the budget and we may find that we need to increase that budget to protect the borders. This could save money in other areas long term with prevention.

– Do you support the Affordable Care Act?
No. If the free market is allowed to work, people will have more choices and lower rates. We need to enable the insurance industry to modernize by permitting people to take their insurance with them across state borders.
Most states have systems in place to give free or almost free healthcare.
I have seen firsthand how helpful these programs are to expectant mothers and school-age children.

We need to streamline care and urgent care type facilities for those without insurance to prevent expensive emergency room bills for the state.
We must focus on wellness and prevention to lower costs. When we put our dollars into wellness and prevention, we help all families long term.

Mental health is also an area were monies should be focused on prevention before behavior ends in tragedy and possible criminal behavior. Addressing alcohol and drug abuse and possible related issues, such as family violence,  will help all of our citizens lead more productive lives.  Our citizens deserve the best care and prevention is that care.

– What would you propose at the state level to help people with pre-existing conditions find affordable health insurance?
We need to look into how people with pre-existing conditions can be covered without bankrupting the patient, the insurance industry and the taxpayers of the State of Texas. There has to be an affordable solution to solve the problem.

– Should government take action to reduce fossil fuel consumption to address climate change?
Fossil fuels are finite and we must be good stewards of our natural resources. We should be practical and proactive towards our environment.
Everyone should want to protect the environment. Eventually we need to go towards simple solutions such as packaging on products that are fully recyclable. Scientists are now telling us that climate change is naturally occurring, but this does not take away our responsibility to treat our environment well. We must be good stewards of our earth for the future of our children.

– Would you support new limits on fracking?
We need more research on fracking, so we know how to address it properly.
We must be cautious until we have a clear understanding of what is causing the environmental issues.

– Do you favor allowing local governments to enact environmental rules, such as bans on fracking and single-use plastic bags?
Yes, I think it is important for local governments to monitor their own issues. Since the citizens have a voice in what happens and local issues are different, they should decide how their hard-earned tax dollars pay for services.

– What additional restrictions on gun ownership do you support, if any?
The constitution gives us the right to bear arms. We do not want criminals to be the only ones with the guns.

– Would you accept campaign contributions from the NRA?
At this time, my campaign will not be accepting contributions from PACs.

– Do you agree with banning the sale and purchase of assault-style rifles?
No. The criminals would be the ones with the assault-style rifles.

– Do you support additional restrictions on abortion rights in Texas?
I do not believe in abortion. I believe that life begins at conception. We need to focus on prevention. Because of education, our teenage pregnancy rates have gone down. According to teenage pregnancies are at an all time low not seen since 1946. Our emphasis on education has been successful.