Dear City Council and Citizens of Jersey Village,

My name is Merrilee Rosene Beazley.  I have been a resident of Jersey Village for at least 38 years.  I have several concerns regarding problems in Jersey Village. I have been digging into the problems for more than a year and a half.  I am a public health nurse.  I care about safety and customer service.
I have been very troubled about our local government, especially the Jersey Village Police Department.  There are some people who believe that Jersey Village is a speed trap.  I have had people outside of Jersey Village tell me that they avoid coming through this community because of what they see with the Jersey Village Police. I see JV Police vehicles parked under over passes all of the time.  I believe that Eric Forester was allowed to do what he did, because the JVPD were utilized as a revenue source.  The excuse is always about “public safety”.  What about the safety of the police officers in the Jersey Village Police Department?
What about the safety of the staff who worked for Jersey Village?  This is dreadful conduct.
I ask the City Council, all the Mayors, city attorneys and city managers, how long have you known about the problems with Eric Forester?  Rod Erskine was mayor and so was Justin Ray.  Justin was the mayor for about 5 years while Eric was in charge.  Leah Hayes was the attorney from Olson and Olson for several years.  Mike Castro hired Eric.  Austin Bleess
inherited Eric.  I am not sure why Austin didn’t fire him when he first came to the City of Jersey Village.

My questions are these:
Mayor Rod Erskine, when did you know about the problems with Eric? Mayor Justin Ray, when did you know about the problems with Eric?  Gary Wubbenhorst, Greg Holden, Mayor Andrew Mitcham, Bobby Warren, James Singleton, Drew Wasson, Curtis Haverty,  Leah Hayes, Scott Bounds, Lorri Coody, when did any of you know about the problems with Eric Forester?
What did each of you know about the problems with Eric, when did you find out and what did you do about the problems with him?  When I received his termination letter through a Public Information Request, I was horrified to find out what he had been doing for 9 very, long years.  I, and others, paid his salary.  This is NOT the kind of conduct I condone.  Eric not only intimated the police staff, he went after people like Isabel Kato. In my opinion, Isabel is about the nicest person you could ever meet.  I read in Eric’s personnel file that Eric went after Mark Bitz, Humberto Ramirez and Rayne Herzog.

Did all of you know that there was a dramatic increase in the turnover in police department for last 5 years?  The turnover this year is 36%.
We, the taxpayers, are funding these problems.  There was a discrimination EEOC Proceeding by Veronica Johnson, a former female police officer, which she won.  I will find the others like that one.

Eric Forester was hired by Mike Castro, a former City Manager.  Eric Forester was the Police Chief in Vidor, Texas before he came here.  Please Google Vidor, Texas, Eric Forester, and Police Chief to find out more about his conduct there.
I believe that Eric hired Ron Dooley.  They knew each other in San Angelo. Please Google Ron Dooley, police officer and San Angelo, Texas.  Please Google Leah Hayes and Waco, Texas.

Here is a partial list of my concerns regarding Jersey Village:
Safety of the Jersey Village police staff
Safety of the Jersey Village employees
Safety of the Jersey Meadow golf cart bridge
Safety of the money, which the city council has decided is theirs. They prefer using money to choose to bail out the Jersey Meadow Golf Course, pay for the dog park, Doggy Dip day, instead of using it to rent or buy better voting equipment.

Why aren’t the residents deciding how this money is spent?  Why did the city council pay $2,300,000 more for land than the Harris County Assessment market value?  Is it because the city council can have their special development on the other side of Highway 290?

Why was the current Mayor, Andrew Mitcham, allowed to have the Jersey Village Planning and Zoning laws changed just for him, so that he could have his Senate Avenue Brewery Pub?  This brewery pub sits within 1000 feet of a daycare/preschool?  Is it possible that the owners are afraid to speak up, because someone like Christian Somers might go over to them and start to hassle them?  I don’t know.  I do believe that could be true.  I believe that Christian Somers harassed me about some political signs during the general election several months, ago.  He said they were too close to the curb.  I noticed there were plenty of signs a lot closer up the street from me.  Why did he single me out?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Merrilee Rosene Beazley, RN, BSN, MEd, MBA

Republican Candidate for State of Texas Representative District 135