Merrilee Beazley, long time resident of Jersey Village, is running for State Representative of District 135. Merrilee has been called the “Watch Dog” of Jersey Village by locals. After seeing problems in JV, she felt it was her duty to keep the JV City Council accountable for overspending their budget, transparency in fiscal decisions and the lack of flood control project action after over 280 homes were damaged in the Tax Day Flood of 2016.

As a Republican, Merrilee is not a stranger to standing up for truth and conservative values. At the age of 17, she was an active member of the Republican Student Group at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When asked why Merrilee felt that she should run now, she stated, “I have been looking for the Truth in local politics.  I can bring that determination to the State of Texas. I believe in Liberty and Freedom.  I believe in the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers were promoting so long, ago.”

After living in district 135 for 40 years, Merrilee has had three children in Cy Fair ISD, and often was the mom volunteering. Her background as a certified elementary teacher with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, from the University of Texas at Austin, as a reading specialist, pushed Merrilee to become a board member of the Gateway Academy Charter School where she was a school nurse.

Merrilee is no stranger to hard work. She decided to pursue a degree in Nursing at TWU. During her tenure as a public healthcare nurse at the Antoine Clinic, she saw firsthand how important basic healthcare is to children and expecting mothers. Later she trained nurses at Harris Health, formerly Harris County Hospital District, impacting how nurses cared for patients and to spot human trafficking before it became a hot topic.

Having both a background in public health and education has made her an advocate for education reform. Merrilee is concerned about our students, “There are many students
in Texas who do not know how to read, write and do grade level math.  We need to promote critical thinking skills and take away the emphasis on expensive testing, focusing on smaller class sizes and customized leaning for all students. When we educate our students for success, we will reduce crime, the spending on housing inmates, and create a stronger Texas. Texans believe in the importance of education. We need to take that to the next level and spend our money early for student success instead of later to rehabilitate criminals.”

The residents of District 135 Texas need to place a fiscal conservative with basic common sense and a real understanding of education and healthcare reform in the state legislature. Merrilee Beazley is the only candidate who already has the experience to tackle all the problems in our state.