Tips for Success

  1. Say please and thank you.
  2. Be sure and brush your teeth twice and day and floss.
  3. Celebrate everything you can.
  4. Stop and savor life.  Look at the flowers and the leaves.
  5. Look down and see the insects which are nearby.
  6. Build a community.
  7. Be sincere.
  8. Build yourself up.
  9. Refrain from being arrogant.  No one knows everything.
  10. Build others up.
  11. Don’t be too bossy.
  12. Learn new skills.
  13. Do art.  Be creative.
  14. Plant a garden, even if it is a few plants on your window ledge.
  15. Learn to cook and sew.
  16. Learn a new language.
  17. Find new friends from other countries.
  18. Get plenty of rest.
  19. Exercise.
  20. Eat healthy. Pretend that you are going on a picnic and you are bringing healthy snack
    foods.  Blueberries, cheese and crackers and nuts are good.
  21. Prayer, friends, dark chocolate and sparkling water will help with most of life’s problems.
  22. Be careful who you listen to.  Don’t spend too much time with losers.
  23. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t watch TV all day and all night.
  24. The truth is the truth.  Be careful of what you believe.  Be careful of what you say.
  25. Be kind.  Be respectful.
  26. Be fair.
  27. Hanging one strip of wallpaper a day will work.
  28. Don’t buy presents you can’t afford for people.
  29. Don’t spend money you don’t have.
  30. Save something for a rainy day.
  31. Smile.  Pace yourself.  Tomorrow is a new day.