You and I know that pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse,
and more are plagues on our society and families.

But instead of recognizing these harms, our culture is pushing messages that encourage and praise sexual exploitation and abuse.

Snapchat (a popular app used by millions of children) is promoting stories about how pornography is healthy! Children are being absolutely bombarded with messages encouraging them to watch pornography. As a result, more children are beginning to
imitate pornography and sexually harm each other. And more children are growing up
to have serious mental health and social health issues, particularly in marriage.

Instagram is facilitating sex trafficking of children around our country who are
contacted by strangers and groomed on the social media app!

Teen Vogue (a popular magazine and website that specifically attracts and targets
teenagers) is calling prostitution empowering “work” and teaching our children that
it is empowering and harmless! Meanwhile, over half a dozen states have lobbyists
actively trying to pass legislation that would give full amnesty to pimps and sex
buyers by removing any laws against prostitution—so it would be more difficult to
open an anti-trafficking nonprofit than it would be to open a brothel!

How are we supposed to solve issues like child sexual abuse or disintegrating families while we ignore issues like pornography? How can our society glamorize prostitution and tell young girls that they should sell their bodies to older men while at the same time claim to oppose sex trafficking?

I think you will agree with me, that our culture seems to be marching itself directly off the cliff towards disaster.

Thankful to serve with you in this movement,

Dawn Hawkins

Sr. Vice President & Executive Director

National Center on Sexual Exploitation