Pet Therapy


I have owned dogs over the years. When I need pet therapy I visit my daughter to see her two dogs and a cat. I never thought I was interested in cats until my granddaughter got a little kitten.

My granddaughter named her tiny kitten Francesca Marie. She is a Tuxedo cat and seems to have a mind of her own. I realize now that I just didn’t meet the right cat.

My granddaughter informed me that Tuxedo cats are related to Siamese cats and they “talk”. I believe they definitely like to communicate with their people friends. Since Francesca has only known dogs as her furry friends, apparently she likes Scotty better than Mocha. I have no idea why. What I see is three furry pets who think they are very special.

Several years ago my husband thought it was best to not have any more dogs. He suggested that I consider getting a turtle as a pet, which I didn’t. About a year and a half ago we moved to the Jersey Village Lake and now we have turtles in there. I think it is a little ironic that happened, or maybe it is God’s sense of humor. Last year one of the turtles escaped and we were able to save it and return the turtle back to the lake where it belonged.

I am constantly amazed at how wonderful animals are for us. I trust that everyone will be careful of what they do to the environment. I trust that all of us will keep the landscape clean. It is dangerous for animals to eat the plastic debris left behind. We are the caretakers, which is a very big responsibility.