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SAN ANTONIO – Contractors are expected to begin the process of remove the Alamo Cenotaph on Saturday.

It’s a move that is coming with some protest and controversy, and some groups in San Antonio don’t want any of this to happen.

The This is Texas Freedom Force are planning at noon to hold a silent gathering with the objective of getting the attention of city and state lawmakers. They are careful not to call it an official protest because they’re worried that if they call it that, the Texas Rangers, who do security at The Alamo, will kick them off property.

Recently, the city’s Historic and Design Review Commission voted to implement Phase One of the massive redevelopment of Alamo Plaza. Part of that plan includes relocating and restoring the Cenotaph to about 500 feet South from its current location. People in opposition to moving the monument believe it honors the Alamo defenders and should remain in the spot that they believe is where the defenders remains were burned after the Battle of the Alamo.

“They have no proper burial and there is no tomb that the Alamo Defenders have except for the cenotaph,” said Brandon Burkhart, president, This is Texas Freedom Force. “So it’s important that we honor those men, because without them we would have no Texas.”

The group is also upset about a possible addition of a statue or a plaque of General Santa Anna – the leader of the Mexican army to fight the defenders. The head of the General Land Office George P Bush took to Twitter saying there would be no statue of the Mexican general here at the Alamo.

George P. Bush


As a United States Navy Veteran, who deployed to Afghanistan, I know exactly what it means to be loyal to the American flag, this country and this great state. (2/3)

George P. Bush


The idea that I would EVER place a statue of Santa Anna at the Alamo is patently false. Enough is enough. This is an outright lie, and is quite frankly, flat out racist. (3/3)

The protesters plan to stay for 24 hours and they’ve said they plan for this to be a peaceful protest, but if cranes or machinery are brought in, they will try to stop them.