About me


Igrew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the oldest of 6 children. My mother was born on a farm near Gainesville, Florida. My father was born near Seattle, Washington.
His family ran a dairy farm. Later they moved to Southern California. My father and all of my uncles were in WWII. My parents lived through the Great Depression. I believe that these events had a large impact on them.

My parents were chemists and extremely frugal. Our family did a lot of the typical things including being very active in the church we belonged to.

Later, I got married. My husband finished school at Tulsa University. We moved to Austin for him to go to graduate school at the University of Texas. I returned to school at that time to finish an undergraduate degree in Education. I also completed a Master’s degree.

We moved to Illinois, so that my husband could teach at the university there. We eventually moved to Jersey Village, which is near Houston.

I returned to school to become a nurse, which is something I had considered doing many years earlier. I like to learn different things, so I finished an MBA.
I am active in church and local politics.