What are your thoughts on vaccinations?

I was a nurse for Harris County Health Department for 6 years and a school
nurse for Houston ISD for 3 years. I also worked for Harris Health as a nursing instructor for over 8 years. I know that a lot of parents are very concerned about getting their children vaccinated because they are concerned about the reactions which might happen but I’ve experienced many situations where no vaccinations have done more harm than good.

When I was a nursing student I had a patient from Mexico that had contracted polio when he was very young. It is my belief that there weren’t enough children getting vaccinated against polio and he contracted the disease which caused him to be in a wheelchair.

When I worked for the Harris County Health Department there was an outbreak of measles in the county. I was part of a team of nurses who
went up to the Kingwood area to give students immunizations so that this outbreak would not get worse. Measles is a very serious illness and spreads very easily. During my 6 years as a clinic nurse, I never saw an unexpected reaction to an immunization.

Several years ago my nephew contracted pertussis. It turned out that his mother had been vaccinated many years ago but her immunity was not very robust and she had the disease. My nephew stopped breathing several times and almost died. He wasn’t allowed to leave the house for a year until the danger was past.

We live in a country and a time where many people have not received their immunizations. We also live in a time where very few parents have seen what happens when their children are not vaccinated. I caution everyone to research the effects of not immunizing their children very carefully.
Some of the research that has been presented to parents is somewhat faulty. Please be careful before jumping to conclusions.

Merrilee Rosene Beazley, RN, MEd, MBA