Ihave traveled quite extensively in the US, Canada and other countries. When I was 15 months old we flew to Indonesia for my father to work there. My sister was even born there.

Since my parents were from different parts of the country, we often went to visit the relatives in Florida and the West Coast. By the time I was 18 my family had driven to all 48 states, eventually with 6 kids in the car. I had no idea at the time that those trips were very unusual.

After I was married I continued to travel. I have now been to all 50 states. I delayed purchasing furniture so that I could take family trips like I did as a child.
I like to go on trips with my husband. We have had the opportunity to visit some wonderful places. My daughter lived in Greece for a year. I went to visit her while she lived there. I have a nephew who lives in Nepal. It was wonderful to visit one December after my husband finished working in Malaysia.

I have also had the opportunity to go on mission trips to Romania and to Mexico.
I am interested in other cultures and other ways of seeing things.
I believe that traveling is an opportunity to do and see places that I don’t ordinarily experience. I have stayed in very fine hotels and gone camping with my children. To me it is always an adventure.

I believe that we all benefit when we go somewhere out of our comfort zone.