I favor doing the simple things in life to stay healthy. It is important to eat real food, exercise and get plenty of great rest. It is very beneficial to pray or meditate every day. I say the Lord’s Prayer every night before I go to sleep.

Washing your hands throughout the day is important. Bushing and flossing every day avoids a lot of dental problems. Bushing at least twice a day is the minimum for good oral health.

I would caution everyone regarding drinking of sodas in the United States. A lot of food is made with high fructose corn syrup. I do not understand why.
There are plenty of food choices which are easy to prepare. A salad doesn’t have to only include the traditional ingredients that everyone is familiar with. It is a good idea to add berries and nuts to things you eat. There are plenty of tasty snacks like fruit, nuts and berries. I use the guideline about not eating much that comes from a box or package. One exception of course is oatmeal which comes in a box. Eating a variety of different foods is important, too.